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Elam Hearts and Hands

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1073 Smithbridge Rd

Glen Mills, PA 19342


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Kelly Forwood, Director

Elam Hearts and Hands



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Four Year Old/Pre-Kindergarten Program


Two Options:


3 day, Monday/Wednesday/Friday


5 day, Monday through Friday







Daily Schedule


9:00am    Free Choice Time

Play Time and Table Time Activities


10:30am Circle Time

(Morning Pray, Pledges, Calendar, Weather)


10:40am Outdoor/Gym Time/Snack Time


11:20am Small Group Activity/Reading Time/Large Group Activity

(Sign Language Letter/Planned Activity)


11:30am Circle Time

(Theme Discussions, Story, Music and Movement, Devotion, Prayer, Good-bye Song)


12:00pm Dismissal



Circle Time:


Circle time includes many activities:  A morning prayer, Helping Hand chart, the Pledge of Allegiance, Our School Pledge, calendar and weather.  It also includes story time, music and movement, as well as songs and discussion depending on the theme or season.



Table Time Activities:


The children will have the opportunity to participate in the following tables during free choice time:  Cut and Color, Messy, Creative Learning, Letter Writing,

Math Magic/Super Science, and the Discovery Table. Students will explore, experiment, and discover new ways to show self expression. They will work with crayons, markers, paints, paper, pencils, scissors and other manipulatives to develop fine motor skills, create art, do math and science activities and write in various forms. 



Free Choice Play Time: 


Play time is a very important social part of the program. Children learn to problem solve, work in a group, use their imaginations, and find appropriate ways to communicate.  

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