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Children's Day Out (CDO)

The Children's Day Out program is designed to be a time for children 2 to 3 years old to come together in a safe, fun and comfortable environment where they have opportunities to interact socially with their fellow classmates.  Building positive self-esteem and respect for others is very important in these early years.  The teachers and staff will help to nurture these values by guiding the children as they interact with their peers


Open Monday through Friday

One to Five Days




The CDO program allows for the parents to design a schedule that works for their individual needs and desires for their child. At registration, parents choose a schedule for their child from one day up to five days a week, depending on availability.





9am  Free Play

10am  Music & Movement/Circle Time/Story Time

10:15am  Snack Time

10:30am  Gross Motor Play/Planned Centers

11:15am  Diaper Check/Free Play

11:45am  Closing Circle Time/Book Time

12pm  Dismissal




Planned Centers: Developmentally appropriate activities set up in individual centers for the children to enjoy while learning with hands-on materials. 


The "Little Gym": Our gross motor room does all that a gym should, by serving the children’s large muscles in their body!  Running, jumping, climbing, riding, throwing, are just some of the large motor activities that will be explored here!

Art Room:  Our Art room serves as somewhat of a multipurpose room as we will be utilizing the tables here for snack as well.  Exploring the world of art through many different media with our hands will be an all-time favorite for any little explorer!  A good mix of teacher led AND child led projects will be stealing the spotlight on your refrigerator soon!

Science Center:  How? What? Why? These are our favorite questions here in our science center.  With  magnet wands, color wands, test tubes, tweezers, and magnifying glasses as our tools, there will be no living or non-living thing unturned or untouched!  Give me 5 (senses, that is!)!

Block Center:  Ever wonder just what children are learning as they play with blocks?  TONS!!!!!!  With simple block play, children learn: problem solving, imagination, math concepts, self-expression, creativity, science, social awareness, sharing and so much more!  In CDO, by adding things like wooden people, trains and cars and multiple blocks of different sizes, color and texture, the world is at our fingertips!

Dramatic Play Center:  This fan favorite center has the ability to transform throughout the seasons!  From home life, to the post office, to a construction zone to a flower shop, our imaginations will be blooming!

Fine Motor Center:  Utilizing the tiny little muscles in our tiny little hands is what will do the trick to set us up for eventually holding our writing utensils in “big school”.  But, for now, we will practice using those muscles by manipulating puzzles, pegs, clothespins and other fine motor actvities at this fun center.

Cozy Center:  With so many fun things to do, it’s important that we have a place to relax!  With cozy seating and a comfy place to prop up our feet, we can grab a book, admire our family pictures on our family tree, or chat with a good friend.

Circle Time Carpet:  THIS is where it’s at!  With our buddies by our sides, and our teacher friends in front, we will cover all the play-time bases and solve the world’s BIGGEST problems.  At this age, our attention spans are just as little as our hands and so we do what we can, when we can and utilize this space for some fun transitional games as well as making the most marvelous music too!  Also, some of the best children’s literature will be read and listened to on the sweetest little carpet you ever did see!


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