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Kids Camp - all weeks are Full 

A fun way to spend time, do crafts and play with friends at Hearts and Hands.

 Summer Camp runs from 9:30 am - 1:30 pm.

Monday - Friday

3 year olds (must be potty-trained) through 6 year olds

Several themes are available across different weeks in the summer.

2022 Kids Camp Schedule:


June 6 - June 10 - Storybook Lane: Eric Carle 

                                  (Enjoy favorite books and related crafts.)


June 20 - June 24 - Storybook Lane: Eric Carle                                                                                              (Enjoy favorite books and related crafts.)   


July 11 - July 15 - Let's Go!! Transportation                                                                                                  (Explore different forms of transportation.)
July 25 - July 29 - Let's Go!! Transportation                                                                (Explore different forms of transportation.)
August 8 - August 12 - Mixed Up Crazy Wacky Week 
                           (Have fun with silly, wacky books and activities.)

August 22 - August 26 - Mixed Up Crazy Wacky Week                                                          (Have fun with silly, wacky books and activities.)



Daily Schedule:


9:30am      Arrival and Play Time


10:00am      Outside Activities

Monday, Tuesday & Wedneday: playtime with balls, hula hoops, EzyRollers, hop scotch, balance rectangels, painting easels, and more.

Thursday & Friday: bike/scooter (from home) in gym and playground time.


10:45am Snack Time 


11:00am  Free Choice

Children choose from activities thoroughout the classroom and work on

projects in small groups based on the theme of that particular week. 

Every day there are toys available for free play.

Activitity tables are set up each day for crafts and coloring.

Special Table (magnets, shaving cream, stamps, watercolor,

and stencils are set up on a rotating basis; one activity a day


12:30pm   Lunch Time


1:00pm    Practice Songs/Gym Time


1:25pm Circle Time/Devotion


1:30pm   Dismissal




Elam Hearts and Hands - 2022 Summer Kids Camp 

Health and Safety Plan 



Drop-off/Pick-up Times: We will unlock the gym door by the playground at 9:30am for drop off and 1:30pm for pick up. Please follow the Kids Camp signs once you enter the building. You will walk through the gym, up the steps, and through the hall to the classroom. Then exit down the steps and out the door. 


Security: The gym entrance doors will be locked 15 minutes after each drop-off/pick-up time. If you should come at a time when the doors are locked you can enter through the main church office and sign in to receive a visitor pass. 


Propped Doors: The gym doors will be propped open during drop off and pick up times. Please make sure you are holding your child’s hand as you enter and exit the building to maintain safety.


Security: The gym doors will be locked 15 minutes after each drop off/pick up time. If you should arrive at school later, and the doors are locked, you will need to enter the building through the main church doors, sign in, and get a visitor sticker.


Sanitizing Stations: There are stations available at each entrance to the building. They are not mandatory, as the children will be washing their hands as they enter their classrooms.


Washing Hands: Hand washing will be done inside the classroom upon arrival. Children will wash their hands before and after eating, and after toileting, sneezing, or coughing. 


Face Coverings: Mask wearing within the building and classrooms will be up to your discretion. We will support any children/families who may choose to wear a face covering, and have processes in place for any children wearing masks during the school day. 


Daily Home Screening: Evaluate their child’s health before bringing him/her to school each day. Please keep your child home if he/she is experiencing symptoms. Refer to the Parent Handbook under Health Policy for typical health related policies. 


Daily Health Checks/Temperature Checks: The teachers will do a visual health assessment of each child upon entering the classroom. If there are health concerns, parents will be notified immediately. We will utilize a non-contact thermometer if there is a question regarding a child’s temperature at any point throughout the school day. If a child has a temperature of 100.4F or higher the child will be taken to a designated isolation room and will stay with a staff member until a parent comes to pick up the child.  


Cleaning and Disinfecting: There will be routine cleaning and disinfecting (with an EPA-approved disinfectant) of the tables, chairs, floors, bathrooms, sinks, railings, toys, and specific touch points within the classrooms and throughout the building in areas where the children participate.


COVID Cases: If your child tests positive for COVID, he/she must isolate for five days (day 0 being the day of symptom onset or the test date if no symptoms). To return to school after the isolation period, he/she must be fever free for 24 hours, without fever-reducing medication, and symptoms must be improving. A mask must be worn for an additional five days.

Close Contacts: If a child within a classroom tests positive for COVID, that particular classroom will be notified of the exposure. The classroom will remain in session. Monitor your child for symptoms for 10 days and seek advice from a medical professional if symptoms develop.

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