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Hearts and Hands

at Elam United Methodist Church
1073 Smithbridge Rd

Glen Mills, PA 19342


Phone: 610-459-2911

Fax:  610-459-3588


Kelly Forwood, Director

Hearts and Hands Programs



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2020-2021 school year




January 23rd at 9am


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Hearts and Hands Vision

Our Hearts and Hands programs are a ministry of Elam United Methodist Church.   The teachers and staff members seek, with God's help, to listen to the unique voice within each child and to develop both their hearts and hands.  All strive to weave the virtues of kindness, acceptance and love for one another into our program. The focus is on each child's unique social emotional intellectual and physical development while providing them with skills to develop academic readiness.  Though this is a Christian program, we welcome and encourage those from all faith communities.


The Children's hearts will be filled with the love for learning, their fellow classmates and God, and their hands will be used in kindness, discovery and creativity.



Elam United Methodist Church Hearts and Hands Programs is an equal opportunity service provider and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religious creed, sex, age, national origin, ancestry, disability or otherwise as may be prohibited by federal and state law. 

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