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Elam Hearts and Hands

at Elam United Methodist Church
1073 Smithbridge Rd

Glen Mills, PA 19342


Phone: 610-459-2911

Fax:  610-459-3588


Kelly Forwood, Director

Elam Hearts and Hands



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Show and Tell

Each week bags are distributed to three or four students to have the opportunity to share items from home.


Moving and Grooving

Classes participate in music and movement activities in our music room


Romping in the Gym

Classes participate in gross motor play by rotating to a variety of stations in our gym area.


Warm Fuzzy Friday

On the last Friday of the month, a paper bear (Warm Fuzzy) will come home with acts of kindness or positive behavior written on it about that student.


Chapel Time

Visit to our chapel area to share bible stories, songs, prayers and scripture.


Star of the week

Each child will have one chance during the year to be our Star of the Week.


Special Events include:

Pumpkin Farm Field Trip, Holiday Parties, Fun at the Fair with our Fathers, Tea Time with Our Marvelous Mothers and Christmas and Easter Services. 


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