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Glen Mills, PA 19342


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Code Word Safety Procedure

Parents are asked to pick a "code word".  Teachers must have written or verbal permission by a parent/guardian in order to release a child to another adult.  Proper identification is required at pick up as well as knowledge of the code word.


Abiding by the following list will be beneficial to the school and the students.

Keep sick children at home.

Sick means those who have:

  • A fever in the morning or the night before.(Child must be fever free for 24 hr. without medication.)
  • A fresh cold with a running nose, cough or scratchy throat.
  • Any new or unexplained eruption of spots on the skin.
    (A Doctors note must accompanay the child upon returning to school indication the rash is not contagious)
  • Any unusual fatigue or chills
  • Nausea, vomiting or diarrhea
  • Pink eye 


Refer to the registration material for rates for the various Hearts and Hands Programs


For CDO and Kinderbunch:

  • a monthly bill will be posted according to student ID number.  That is the amount due per month.


For Preschool:

  • The tuition fee covers the entire school year.  The payments are divided into eleven montly installments.  
  • The amount posted next to the student ID is the amount due based on the preschool monthly tuition and any Lunchbunch fees for that month.
  • Each family is given monthly coupons to submit with payment.


During a vaction or extended leave, families are resonsible for payment of tuition to save the spot in the program.


Please contact Karen Smith, registrar, at tuition@elamheartsandhands.com, with any questions regarding tuition.

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