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Hearts and Hands

at Elam United Methodist Church
1073 Smithbridge Rd

Glen Mills, PA 19342


Phone: 610-459-2911

Fax:  610-459-3588


Kelly Forwood, Director

Hearts and Hands Programs



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2020-2021 school year






Hearts and Hands


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March 10th 

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Planned Activities

We will plan developmentally appropriate activities for the children to enjoy. The activities vary on a rotating basis. 


Let's Get Creative: An opportunity for the children to expereience different ways to get creative such as water coloring, easel painting, collaging, coloring, dauber dot painting, etc. 


Hands Full of Fun: This is a chance for the children to develop their fine motor skills by getting their hands into messy, fun things. Some of the activities include playing with shaving cream and play dough, finger painting, and exploring items in the Discovery Table (rice, shredded paper, feathers, pompoms). 


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