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Hearts and Hands

at Elam United Methodist Church
1073 Smithbridge Rd

Glen Mills, PA 19342


Phone: 610-459-2911

Fax:  610-459-3588


Kelly Forwood, Director

Hearts and Hands Programs



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Kids Camp - Summer Camp

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Registration for 2018-2019 School Year


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Planned Activities

Beach Room:  An additional classroom to use tricycles, small climbing toys and slides.


Developmentally appropriate activities on a rotating basis.


Romping in the Gym:  30 minutes in the large gym using hula-hoops, slides, bouncy balls, tunnels and other gross motor activities.


Hands Full of Fun: Develop fine motor skills doing fun and messy activities such as shaving cream, rice table, play dough and finger painting.


Let's Get Creative:  Create art using water color, easel painting, collages, coloring, bingo daubers etc.

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