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Hearts and Hands

at Elam United Methodist Church
1073 Smithbridge Rd

Glen Mills, PA 19342


Phone: 610-459-2911

Fax:  610-459-3588


Kelly Forwood, Director

Hearts and Hands Programs



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Kids Camp - Summer Camp

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Registration for 2018-2019 School Year


Openings still available in some programs.

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Children have the option to stay for lunch until 1:30pm.  Each child needs to bring a lunch box packed with foods he/she will eat as well as a juice box or water bottle.  Please use cold packs in the lunchbox as we can not refrigerate food items. The CDO children will join our preschool Lunchbunch Program. Pick up will be in the preschool side of the building.

Lunch Schedule


12:00pm Children move to preschool end of building for Lunchbunch


12:15pm Lunch/Free Choice Time/Creative Activity


1:30pm Dismissal (Pick up through the preschool entrance and at the Lunchbunch classrooms)

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